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    Susanna Siitonen

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    Susanna Siitonen, Licensed Real Estate Broker (LKV, LVV), MSc.

    My way to the business

    - short syllabus

    I spend the first part of my working career in academic environment as a member of a multinational scientific community. This gave me valuable capital to understand the world from a wide perspective. Along with science, I was responcible for customer services and marketing in our family-owned construction company. At some point it was time to take a leap from the rat race , and I moved to Lappland to run a small business in the wellbeing sector. Years earlier I had taken interest in the housing investment sector which had started to intrigue me more and more. Few years and polar nights later I decided is was time to turn my real estate interest into profession.

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    Solvikinkatu 1, 00990 Helsinki
    +358 41 538 7604